Whether for home, business, or industrial purposes, a garage door serves as a strong protection against harsh winds, rain, wild animals, pests, and other external forces that might damage your car and items that need to be safely kept indoors. This is why here at The Door Company, we advise all our customers in the Georgetown, Austin Texas area to never turn a blind eye to garage door problems or signs of potential damage.

Here are some of the most common garage door problems you might encounter.

Blocked or Misaligned Photo Eye

Located four to five inches above the ground, one on each side of the garage, with roughly the size of a pea, photo eyes are linked with an invisible laser beam which can detect anything in the garage door’s path. If it finds something in the way, it stops the closing and in doing so prevents possible damage or injury.

It’s common because of its size and location for a photo eye to get blocked by dirt, dust, water, small insect, or mist. If your garage door is not closing all the way even without anything blocking its path, then it might be because of this. However, if your photo eye is already wiped and clean, then it might be misaligned. If that is still not the problem, then you need to check the cord attached to the eye or have professionals check the eye itself.

Misaligned Track

If you hear a squeaking or rubbing sound when your garage door hits a certain spot on the tracks, or if it gets stuck in closing all the way, or if you see gaps or bent parts in the rollers and rail, then this might be serious trouble. A misaligned track needs to be addressed right away because it might get totally damaged and eventually stop your door from closing or become dangerous to operate.

Broken Torsion Spring

If you suddenly hear a loud bang like a firecracker or gunshot while opening your garage door, there is a high chance that your torsion spring just broke. This kind of spring does the heavy lifting for the door to open, hence, if it snaps, then the entire garage door won’t be lifted. If this happens, we strongly advise you not to fix it yourself because it can be dangerous. Instead, please call reliable garage door experts i.e. The Door Company.

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