These past few years, garage doors have evolved from protection of your car from the weather and additional container of household items to an extension of your home and even as a reflection of your style. Here at The Door Company, we pride ourselves in producing quality doors and still keeping up with the latest trends, technology. Below are some ideas that you can ask us more about.

  • Barn or Farmhouse Style – Carriage house style in garage doors has always been a classic choice mainly because of its simple design, yet rustic and distinct flavor and great compliment to the wood used. Now, more and more designers and homeowners are recommending this style because of its more laidback feel. It has no frills, while it can definitely match most architectural home designs.
  • More Glass and Windows – While it is common for garage doors to have windows, especially one long glass window at the top part, more contemporary designs are suggesting that you can experiment and have fun with glass windows and your garage. You can have small panels or squares made and placed vertically or horizontally; try looking into contemporary or modern pegs. The windows don’t even have to be made of one type of glass. Nowadays, people who use the garage as a work station have frosted glasses installed to add more light and at the same time to still keep a bit of privacy.
  • Energy Efficient or Eco-Friendly Garage Doors – One of the best ways to make your garage door long lasting and environment friendly is by adding insulation. Insulation not only keeps your items and car warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it also blocks out noise from the outside. This is also greatly beneficial in terms of saving electricity when you have turned your garage into a work area and you are using an air conditioner.

For more design ideas and maintenance tips on garage doors in the Georgetown & Austin Texas area, please visit our blog more often. Thank you and have a good day.