We at The Door Company understand the level of frustration our customers have when their garage door suddenly does not open. Whether you’re about to leave for work or coming home after a tiring day, having an unresponsive garage door can be a real pain. Still, it is better to have a cool head when this happens and instead, here are some things you can remember.

Make sure the door is not locked.

This happens to anyone and it is perfectly normal to sometimes forget that your garage door is left on “lock” or “vacation” mode. Someone could have also locked the door from the inside. It is better to make sure that this is not the case before moving on to more serious possibilities.

Check if your remote control is working properly.

First, check if the batteries are working. Often times there will be a red blinking light on top or some form of indicator that it is not yet drained. Next is to try resetting it along with the wall switch, with the help of your owner’s manual.

Double check if your opener is plugged in.

This is another precaution before assuming the worst. Sometimes a loose power cord could mean the difference between a working and unresponsive garage door. There are also cases when an electrical surge could cause the circuit breaker to trip, disabling the electricity in your garage.

Is the door’s photo eye working?

Sometimes the problem could be right under your nose, literally. A photo eye is a small sensor that’s located four to eight inches above the floor. It could simply be blocked by a small obstacle which can be a bag, trash can, your kid’s toy, or an insect. If you suspect dirt, simply wipe the lens with a soft rag.

Call the Professionals.

Kindly take note that these are just quick and simple troubleshooting tips. When it comes to a long-term and safe solution for damaged garage doors, it is best to have professionals like The Door Company take a look. We currently provide garage door repairs and replacement services in Georgetown, Texas and its neighboring areas.

Feel free to call us today at (512) 863-0007 and our team would be more than happy to provide you a free consultation and quotation.