Here at The Door Company of the Georgetown, Austin Texas area, we have provided some maintenance tips to get you started in keeping your wooden garage door brimming as new for years to come.

Regularly check for signs of potential problems. It is also advisable to inspect your garage door after strong winds and rain. Here are common problems you might encounter:

  • Pests – Any wood when exposed to inclement weather and mud can be prone to wood-consuming creatures such as beetles, snails, and slugs. Of course, the number one pest of a wooden garage door is termites.
  • Peeling, fading, or chipped finishes – This is generally due to constant exposure to direct sunlight. The best prevention and remedy to this is applying a nice coating or stain to your wood.
  • Cracks or holes – Never let these unattended because they can nurse moisture, mildew, molds, and fungus which will eventually lead to wood rot or decay. When your wood becomes weak, it might eventually need replacing, which will cost more. To check for holes or cracks, close your door in the dark and see if there are slivers or holes of light passing through.


Make sure to have quality varnish or any finish applied evenly. If you enjoy your wooden garage door’s natural color, then it is important to have it generously applied with a coating of protection. Through time and weather, it will be more prone to losing its natural shine. Hence, a one-time coating is not enough. It needs to be recoating once in a while.

Carefully check for other parts that might need repair or replacement. It is also ideal to have a small tool box for quick fixes like grease or loose screws. However, beyond that, you might need help from experts.

Visit us soon for more tips and insights on how you can maintain your garage door. Have a great day ahead!