Buying a Residential Garage Door is not as easy as it sounds. It requires having ample knowledge about garage doors and finding the right builders. We at The Door Company have encountered one too many homeowners who are new to the task, and here are some of the things we always advise them to know before making their purchase.

Take a look at your options.

Garage doors are meant to last for decades. This is why we always tell our customers to consider all their options before deciding. This starts with the kind of material you will be using. Are you looking for something sophisticated and premium looking? Then you need a Custom Wooden Door. Aluminum and Steel garage doors are great for humid areas and an affordable budget. Composite Wood garage door is something to consider if you’re after the beauty of wood without the maintenance.

From there your builder will offer you a variety of garage door brands. We strongly recommend asking around for prices and specific types of models before making even a shortlist.

Look at the springs and opener.

We cannot encourage this enough: garage door parts and accessories are vital in installation. In fact, we strongly urge you to have the same team who built your garage door to install the opener. Also, try to avoid skimping on springs. The sturdier the garage door springs are, the longer they can last.

Consider insulation.

We often advise that if your garage door is attached to your house, it is best to have it insulated. It not only reduces electricity bills, it also helps in noise reduction and regulating temperature.

Safety is a must.

Since not all environments are the same, you need to consider if your area is prone to storms. We also ask our customers if they need additional protection in terms of the safety of the environment.

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