“What type of garage door should I get?” This is one of the most frequent questions that we at The Door Company receive from customers. As much as we want to give a straightforward, black and white answer, our response will still be “It depends.” The decision in choosing the perfect garage door for your home or business will depend on a lot of factors, i.e. your needs, environment, budget, and style preference.

The Rolling Steel Doors and Sectional Garage Door are often the two types of Overhaul Garage Doors being compared to, and if you have chosen which one you are more inclined to getting, the next decisions should be easier to make.

First, let us clarify their difference. Also known as coiling doors, a rolling steel door is a full metal slatted door that rolls up and gets neatly compressed above the door opening. A sectional garage door retracts or tilts upward when opening, which means that it requires bigger headroom and more open space in front.

First Impression

A sectional garage door has a wide variety of styles, shape, material, and color to choose from. As long as you have a trusted garage door builder, it can easily match your home’s design. Whereas in rolling doors, you are constrained to the selection available and its metal color may not be the best aesthetic choice for a suburban home.


The springs, cables, and mechanics of sectional doors are more exposed outside, making them more vulnerable to damage, rust, corrosion, and dirt. This means that they require more maintenance and are best installed in properties not prone to strong hurricanes and storms. Roll up doors, on the other hand, have its important parts & accessories hidden inside, protected against moisture and rust. They are also significantly easier to clean.

However, in terms of repairs, if only a part of your sectional door is broken, only it will be replaced. If your coiling door suffers from damage, it may require a complete overhaul.

Value for Money

A sectional garage door is significantly more budget-friendly than its counterpart. However, in the end it will depend on your usage on which type will really maximize your money’s worth.  If your garage will be facing a huge volume of traffic and usage, then we recommend the heavy duty rolling up doors. However, if your space is residential and its garage only has minimal to moderate usage, then a sectional garage door might be enough.

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