Buying a garage door is not a task as simple as it may sound. It requires one to know a bit about the technicality of these doors, especially when it is being bought for a commercial space. Starting from the scratch, the very first thing you should take into account when buying a commercial garage door in Georgetown is the type and variety of functions/features you are expecting to get.

So, do your business operations mandate loading and carrying things inside and out of the commercial space? Will your garage door only need to protect the vehicles in the garage or is it expected to do more than that? Will it be used frequently by the people to travel in and out of the building? These are some of the questions that will help determine which type of commercial garage door in Georgetown is best suited to your business.

Remember, just like other doors, garage doors also do much more than serving as a passage for anyone or anything going inside the building or outside. They let the building get more natural light, ventilate it, and act as a protective shield against intruders and other eternal elements, which might be harmful.

To serve every purpose and to cater to your needs, there are different types of garage doors available in the market today. They all vary based on the material used in manufacturing, shapes, sizes, designs, and functionality.

For your ease, we are listing down four most common type of commercial garage door in Georgetown that you can buy. Go through the types and head to a reliable provider such as The Door Company in the region to make a purchase and get related services.

Scissor Gates

Scissor gates differ a lot from all other garage doors that are a part of this list. In order to open and close, they move from right to left or in the opposite manner, unlike other garage door does. Scissor doors will lock up immediately after they close, i.e., they work like sliding doors. The manufacturing of these doors requires high-quality impenetrable steel to provide increased protection.

Overhead Doors

These are the most common types of garage doors people choose to buy. Overhead doors are pulled up with a track or rail to the point that they are parallel to the ceiling.

There is a remote control that is used to operate these doors manually. Materials such as glass, aluminum, wood, metal, etc., are used to make overhead garage doors. The doors are partitioned into slats and are bonded together with hinges to provide maximum flexibility.

Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors are the type of commercial garage doors in Georgetown that furl into a single coil when closed. These doors work perfectly for areas that have space issues and give the same performance as overhead doors, but in a cleaner manner.

Fire Rated Doors

Resembling the way roll-up doors function, fire-rated doors can be operated using motorized gear or manually. These doors function the same way as roll-up doors. There is only one major difference between the two types of doors, which is that fire-rated doors provide extra protection. They are noise and fire-resistant and offer incredible insulation.

So, which commercial garage door in Georgetown you think will work the best for your business? Unsure? Dial (512) 863-0007 anytime to get help from an expert at The Door Company.