At The Door Company, we have been asked for both the pros and cons of keyless entry to any garage. That is the reason for this article. We are here to answer why do you keyless entry to both your residential and commercial garage door here in the Georgetown, Austin Texas area. Below we are going to discuss 4 different reasons, however for more in depth answers please give us a call or read additional articles.



One of the greatest benefits of keyless entry is allowing you to enter into a secure area quickly and effectively. Which alleviate any worry or concern on parking in the street, covered parking, parking garage, parking lot, and/or driveway. Thus eliminating any concern or worry about being robbed or attacked, having your vehicle vandalized, or your vehicle being broke into.


2ndChanging Locks is Easy

Unlike a traditional home or business lock, where someone steals your key or keys for any given property you have to go through a long, lengthy, and costly process to rekey the entire location. With a keyless lock all you have to do is to change the passcode. This activity along saves both time and money.


3rdNo Remotes or Possible Keys to Lose

The keyless entry allows folks and business people the option to enter into a property without an opening device i.e. key fob, remote, a literal key, and so on. All you need to enter into the property is a passcode and you are in.


4thTemporary Pass Codes

Keyless entry also allows you to set temporary pass codes or passwords in order to enable guest to enter your home or property with your permission while you are not present and available. After the passcode has been used it will be quickly deleted and never used again.

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