Marantec Garage Door Openers

Marantec America is proud to boast the most intelligently engineered, quietest, and innovative garage door openers, accessories, access systems, and more.  Established in Germany over 30 years ago, Marantec has become a global leader, with a presence in 30 countries.  The Door Company is proud to offer Marantec America products in the central Texas reigon.

The garage door is one of the most used features of a home, accounting for primary access to over 70% of American homeowners.  Chooising a safe, durable, and reliable garage door opener system is absolutely critical.  As an innovator of direct current garage door openers, Marantec makes not only efficient and durable systems, but also the most quiet garage door openers on the market today.


Features of Marantec’s line of garage door solutions include:

  • Nearly silent garage door motors.
  • Technological advancements, allowing users new solutions for home and garage entry.
  • Extremely powerful electric motors can lift the heaviest wooden, steel, and aluminum garage doors.
  • Optional features include keyless entry, photo eye safety systems, and various security features.


A focus on reliability, convenience, and innovative garage door access solutions has made Marantec America a leading global provider.  Products are crafted using the most advanced German and American technologies and tailored for ease of use, service, and installation.  Marantec America products are made of the highest quality components, and come backed with an outstanding, industry leading warrany.

The Door Company is glad to be central Texas’ leader in garage door sales, openers, operators, service and repairs, and custom solutions for residential and commercial clients.  We’re proud to partner Marantec America to provide innovative solutions and high quality products to citizens of Austin and the surrounding areas.  If you’re interested in Marantec America’s line of garage door access solutions, contact The Door Company today.

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