Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

Liftmaster Garage Doors has been exceeding customer expectations for over 100 years, providing cutting edge garage door openers, operators, and gate operators, and have expanded their offerings into home automation solutions.  Over 70% of homeowners rely on their garage as a primary access point to their home, and as their garage door opener as a way to get into their home.  The Door Company is proud to offer Liftmaster products in the central Texas areas.

It is important that your garage door opens and closes at your demand, that’s why Liftmaster focuses on manufacturing extremely high quality access solutions that are energy efficient, affordable, and reliable.  Liftmaster’s wide range of products are designed to withstand the harshest elements that Mother Nature can throw its way, years of daily use, and offer homeowners convenience, safety, and security.

Feature-rich solutions by Liftmaster include features such as timed opening and closing of your garage door, integration with your existing home security and home automation systems, battery backups, and advanced protection against theft of your security code.  The patented wall mount openers are attractive simply work.  Many Liftmaster solutions integrate with your home’s WiFi network, so that you could open your garage door anywhere in the world!

Mechanically, Liftmaster offers quiet, reliable belt driven motors, which will ensure the smooth running of your operator for many years to come.  Chain drive solutions provide long-lasting and extremely reliable performance.

The Door Company is glad to be central Texas’ leader in garage door sales, openers, operators, service and repairs, and custom solutions for residential and commercial clients.  We’re proud to partner Liftmaster to provide innovative solutions and high quality products to citizens of Austin and the surrounding areas.  If you’re interested in Liftmaster’s line of garage door access solutions, contact The Door Company today.

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