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At the Door Company we are here to help you with your endeavor to create the most beautiful door for your home you’ve ever seen or imagined. Our team is company is family owned and operated and only made of the best, professionals in the word working, carpentry industry. Our joiners are trained in all the most advanced techniques and here to serve you.

We take a lot of joy in what we do, we really love providing our clients with doors that shut out the competition, no pun intended. Our doors don’t just look good; they’ve been designed to stop intruders in their tracks. Made of the highest quality materials available and built tough, you’ll instantly feel protected when we secure your brand new door for your home. We’ve been around for a long time helping the great people of Granger Texas secure their homes and create a unique look and feel. To learn more about Granger and how you can employ our services, please continue reading.

More On Granger Texas

Granger is a city in the state of Texas and located in the county of Williamson. As of the 2010 census, Granger had a population of 1,419 people. Granger was where they filmed the remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 2003. They also shot True Grit’s remake in 2010.

The city has a total land size of .7 square miles and an elevation of 577 ft above sea level. The city sits in the Central Time Zone and is one of the best places you go to raise a family. Granger also uses the 76530 ZIP Code and 512 and 737 area codes.

If you’re living in Granger and looking for a team to craft you beautiful Custom Doors, please continue reading and welcome to the Door Company!

Why Choose the Door Company?

At the door company the only corners we cut are on the beautiful doors we’ll be installing on your home. Our team of specialists will make the process easy and help you from start to finish. You’ll be amazed by how fast our team works and how easy we hang these massive, unique and downright unique doors for you. To learn more how you can benefit from our team’s professional help, please reach us through this website or give us a ring.

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